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Whether your goal is to increase your home’s value, protect it from the natural elements, or achieve an improved aesthetic, painting the exterior walls of your house is a fantastic investment. A high-quality exterior paint job goes a long way to improving the overall curb appeal of your home. If you are looking for a team to make the exterior of your home look more distinct while adding an extra layer of protection from weather, insects, and dust, reach out to Eclipse Remodeling in Sherman Oaks and schedule a free consultation.

We offer reliable, professional exterior painting services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Let us know what you have in mind for your painting project and we can get started today!


Because with us you get:

  • A fully-licensed team of professional contractors
  • Meticulous, well-planned project management
  • Affordable service
  • Fast, efficient work
  • Complete, full-service exterior painting solutions, from conception to completion

Wondering if getting an exterior paint job on your home is worth the cost? The benefits of a new paint job go beyond simply giving your house a new, fresh look — there are a few other factors that you may also want to consider before committing to getting your exterior walls painted.

  • Protection
  • Inspection
  • Valuation
  • Beautification

Eclipse Remodeling’s team of painters has the expertise to get your exterior paint job done with extremely high-quality performance in a rapid and affordable manner. If you are in Los Angeles County or the surrounding Southern California area, choose a company that has successfully painted hundreds of homes over the years and a track record of countless satisfied customers. Reach out to us today to get your free project estimate!

Our Process

When you hire Eclipse Remodeling to do your exterior painting, for our standard services, we follow this 15-step process to ensure that the job gets done right:

  1. Pressure Wash: We start by aggressively pressure washing your walls. Many clients have been surprised at how aggressive our pressure washing is. For a new paint job, this is how it is supposed to be, as doing so helps loosen paint and stucco, allowing it to come off before the painting starts rather than after the job is finished.
  2. Trench: Next, we trench around the bottom of your home. Most home remodeling companies, when painting, spray paint down to dirt-level and then stop there. This is problematic, as, when it rains, the soil level can change, leaving an unsightly line where the paint stops at the bottom of your house. At Eclipse Remodeling, we do the extra work and trench below grade to prevent this from happening. After painting, we return the soil and rocks.
  3. Cover and Protect: If it shouldn’t be painted, then it should be covered. We cover up everything that isn’t going to be painted, like lights, meter faces, and so on. We will cover your items with plastic, paper, and tape as required to protect them. We will also cover bushes, trees, and flowers as well. If there are small areas that need to be trimmed back, we can take care of this. However, we would prefer you to get your landscaper to do this prior to painting, so you get exactly the cut you desire. If that’s not a concern though, we can take care of this for you.
  4. Scrape Loose Paint and Sand Wood: Pressure washing causes some wood to soak up water. When the wood dries out, a small amount of paint will curl up on the edges. So, after the wood is dry, we carefully scrape and sand any loose paint. We give special attention to window frames, grids, and all wood surfaces. This is one extra step we take to ensure high-quality results that last for a long time.
  5. Caulk Cracks, Voids, and Joints: Stucco and wood will inevitably get cracks over time, especially around doors and windows. Wood usually has many voids and gaps at the joints; these areas are filled in and smoothed.
  6. Patch Stucco — Small and Large: It’s common for small spots of stucco to flake off. Corners have often been chipped by pets or kids with bicycles. We patch these spots for you and match the existing texture. Large cracks/damage and the proper way to fix them will be discussed during the estimate and written out in detail in the contract.
  7. Replace Damaged Wood: Wood is a natural element vulnerable to damage from the sun and moisture. If there is considerable deterioration in your home, we will recommend the replacement of certain pieces during preparation. Raw wood will always be primed, then painted.
  8. Remove Screens: Screens are removed and reinstalled at the end of the project. This is a good time to replace them if you want! Homes with wood or old metal frames will be prepared and painted. On other styles of windows, the screens can be left in and covered with plastic, since the window frames don’t get painted.
  9. Put Plastic Sheeting on Windows and Doors: Our motto is: “If it doesn’t get painted, it must be covered.”
  10. Prime as Required: We apply primer or premium self-priming paint to exposed wood or stucco to ensure a superior paint job.
  11. Paint Exterior Body, Fascia, and Eves: We paint the body, fascia, and the eves of your home. Our job is not complete until all surfaces are taken care of.
  12. Premium Exterior Paint: It’s ironic that some contractors use cheap paint because it is more difficult to use and much more abrasive than high-quality paint. It's a false economy for both the painter and the client to use cheap paint. Premium paint applies faster and it goes on thicker, so there is less touching up going to be necessary. With premium paint, everyone wins: you get better results and we are not frustrated with dripping paint and worn-out machines.
  13. Apply Two Coats: We put on a MINIMUM of two coats of paint on the walls and we guarantee full coverage. If the job requires more than two coats, we keep painting.
  14. Clean Up and Haul Away Debris: We do not consider your job finished until we have cleaned up perfectly and ensured your satisfaction.
  15. Job Inspection and Walk Around with Client: Lastly, we walk the finished project with you. When we’re finished with the walk-around and you’re satisfied, we collect the final payment and ask for a completion certificate that you fill out detailing your experience with our company.
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