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Exterior Painting

Our standard Exterior Painting Projects include the following 16 Step Process:

  1. Pressure Wash

    Clients are frequently surprised at how aggressive our pressure washing is. This is how it is supposed to be. Loose paint and stucco is supposed to come off before the painting starts, not after the job is finished.

  2. Trench

    Most companies spray down to the dirt and then stop. When it rains, the soil moves and there is a line where the paint stops. We do the extra work and trench below grade to prevent this line. After painting we return the soil and rocks.

  3. Cover and Protect

    Cover Ceiling Fans, Lights, Meter Faces, etc. If it shouldn’t be painted, then it should be covered. We will cover your items with plastic, paper and tape as required to protect them. We will also cover bushes, trees and flowers as. If there are small areas that need to be trimmed back, we can take care of this. However, it is our preference that you have your landscaper do this prior to painting so you get exactly the cut you desire. If it’s not a concern then we can take care of this for you.

  4. Scrape Loose Paint and Sand Wood

    Pressure washing causes some wood to soak up water. When the wood dries out a small amount of paint will curl up on the edges. After the wood is dry we carefully scrape and sand loose paint. Special attention is given to window frames, grids and all wood surfaces. One more step for high quality.

  5. Caulk Cracks, Voids and Joints

    Stucco and wood will always get cracks over time, especially around doors and windows. Wood usually has many voids and gaps at the joints; these areas are filled in and smoothed.

  6. Patch Stucco; Small and Large

    It’s common for small spots of stucco to flake off. Corners have often been chipped by pets or kids with bicycles. We patch these spots for you and match the existing texture. Large cracks/damage and the proper way to fix them will be discussed during the estimate and written in detail in the contract.

  7. Replace Damaged Wood

    Wood is a natural element vulnerable to damage from sun and moisture. If deterioration is considerable, we will recommend that we replace certain pieces during preparation. Raw wood will always be primed, then painted.

  8. Remove Screens

    Screens are removed and re-installed at the end of the project. This is a good time to replace them, if you want! Homes with wood or old metal frames will be prepared and painted. On other styles of windows the screens can be left in and covered with plastic since the window frames don’t get painted.

  9. Put Plastic Sheeting on Windows and Doors

    Our painters’ motto is: If it doesn’t get painted it must be covered.

  10. Prime as Required

    We apply primer or premium self priming paint to exposed wood or stucco to give you a superior paint job.

  11. Paint Exterior Body, Fascia and Eves

    We paint the body, fascia and the eves – Since a job is not complete until all surfaces are taken care of.

  12. Premium Exterior Paint

    It’s ironic that some contractors use cheap paint, because it is more difficult to use and much more abrasive to the spray equipment painters’ use. It’s false economy for both the painter and the client to use cheap paint. Premium paint applies faster and it goes on thicker, so there is less touch up. We both win–you get a better job and we are not frustrated with dripping paint and worn out machines.

  13. Apply Two Coats

    We put on a MINIMUM of two coats of paint on the walls and we guarantee full coverage. If the job requires more than two coats, we keep painting.

  14. Clean Up and Haul Away Debris

    We do not consider your job finished until we have cleaned up perfectly and made you happy.

  15. Job Inspection and Walk Around with Client

    We walk the finished project with you. When we’re finished with the walk around and you’re satisfied we collect the final payment and ask for a completion certificate that you fill out detailing your experience with our company.

  16. All Materials and Labor included in the price

    Please see “Bid Prices Don’t Change” below. No Hidden Fees.

Various Options

Jobs are bid “buffet style” so clients can pick and choose what they want done and what they can skip to save money. For example a Complete Exterior Paint job estimate will include all exterior wall surfaces (stucco, wood or other material), fascia boards, eves, window and door trim. If you want them quoted separately or already know that you don’t want certain items painted… just let us know. Throughout the estimate process we will ask a lot of questions to make sure we give you an accurate price for the items you want painted as well the items you don’t. This allows you to pick and choose what you want painted without paying for items that are not needed.

Bid Prices Don’t Change!

Once the estimate is provided the price doesn’t change. When you hire Eclipse Remodeling, Inc. to do a job for you, you could write the checks exactly according to the payment schedule on the contract and put them in your desk. At each stage of the job, when a payment is due; the price on the check hasn’t changed! The most common complaint we hear from owners is: “I hate it when I’m quoted a price for a service and then the price starts climbing upwards.”

“I don’t like it happening to me and I don’t do this to my clients.” – Udi Zadok/President

Experienced Painters

All of our crew leaders have been painting with us for many years. For an average single family home, our crew typically consists of the crew leader and one-two painters. For larger homes and jobs with time limitation we combine crews.

We’re One Call Away

A large part of having many satisfied clients is good communication of which happens as a result of us being immediately available to answer your questions or address a specific concern.


As the President and manager, our cell phones are on and we’re always available. If we don’t answer then we’re probably talking to a client or on the phone and will call right back.

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