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Getting interior wall painting done in your home is a fantastic, cost-effective way to transform the entire feel of your home. Few things are as simple yet as impactful as repainting your walls. You can transform a boring, uninteresting room instantly — into a vibrant, imaginative space that everyone loves spending time in. If you are in Sherman Oaks and are thinking about getting your walls painted, then call Eclipse Remodeling! We offer thorough, professional interior painting with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Let us know what you have in mind for your painting project and we can get started pronto! Contact us now to receive your free estimate!

What You Get When You Choose Eclipse Remodeling For Your Interior Painting Project:

  • A professional, licensed team of contractors

  • Meticulous, well-thought-out project management

  • Highly affordable service

  • Fast, timely work

  • Full-service interior painting solutions, all the way from design to completion

Get Your Interior Painting Taken Care of by Professionals

  1. Sure, you could move your bookshelves, wall art, and furniture all by yourself. Yes, you could go around and scrape off all the old flaking paint, cover the windows properly, and spot patch surfaces. That’s only the first 10% of what we do. Think about how long it would take and how much effort you’d have to put into the job to do it all yourself. Instead of taking on a large project like this yourself, let professional painters do it for you. Not only will it make your schedule a lot easier, but you will also be able to achieve a level of quality that you would be unlikely to achieve on your own.

    When you choose Eclipse Remodeling in Sherwood Oaks as your interior painter, you choose a company with experience and a long track-record of happy customers. We’ve painted hundreds of homes over the years, and each new project we take on we work hard to do as thorough and careful a job as we can. Give us a call or send us a message online and get your written estimate today!

    Our Process

    When you hire Eclipse Remodeling to do your interior painting, we follow this 15 step process to ensure that the job gets done right:

    1. Remove pictures, paintings, etc. from the walls

    A good rule of thumb for all interior painting, regardless of the contractor, is for you to take down anything expensive yourself. Painters don’t know if Great Great Grandma gave you that picture or if it was purchased at the flea market. Our painters treat all your items as if they were family heirlooms, but removing cherished items yourself may still be a reasonable thing to do.

    1. Move furniture to the center of the room when practical

    If it’s not too big to be moved out of the room, we will move the furniture to the center of the room for you and cover it with plastic or canvas as required.

    1. Scrape off loose and flaking paint

    2. Cover windows, doors, and fixtures with plastic as required

    3. Degrease or clean walls as required with a liquid TSP (trisodium phosphate) cleaner.

    For example, nicotine stains usually cost a little more money to clean and paint over because it takes more time to clean properly.

    1. Neutralize and rinse off TSP

    TSP (trisodium phosphate) mixed with water is a useful degreaser, cleaner, and deglosser. However, before painting walls it must be completely rinsed off, otherwise paint won’t adhere properly.

    1. Remove switch plate covers, outlet covers, etc.

    Your Cable TV, phone, internet, network wall plate covers will not likely need to be removed, though.

    1. Caulk cracks

    Cracks a few inches long are not problematic, however, if you have one running the length of your wall or ceiling, then more intensive repairs will be needed.

    1. Fill nail holes

    Please tell us if you want to return your pictures and paintings to the same spot so we don’t fill the holes. Many people want to reorganize after painting. Unless otherwise told, we fill in all existing holes.

    1. Spot patch any uneven texture surfaces, dings, dents, etc.

    The goal is to make all walls, ceilings, baseboards, crown moldings, etc. even and beautiful. Small patches on an interior are not usually a problem. However, as the size of a ding or patch grows from a postage stamp to a deck of cards, the rules on what to expect change.

    1. Prime as required

    We prime raw wood (base or crown molding), drywall, patches, and walls/ceilings as needed.

    1. Paint with premium grade interior paint

    We recommend Dunn Edwards brand but we always listen to what you want. However, we strongly believe that premium interior paint is the way to go. It covers better and runs less. If you want to see a painter frowning, then give him cheap interior paint and ask him to make the finished product look nice.

    1. Put switch place covers back on

    After the painting is complete, switch plate covers are put back on. Painting without switch plate covers on is one of the single biggest ways to get a professional look.

    1. Clean up and haul away debris

    We do not consider the job finished until we have cleaned up perfectly and you are happy with the results AND the clean-up.

    1. Job inspection and walk around with the client

    We walk the finished project with you. When we’re finished with the walk and you’re satisfied, we collect the final payment and ask for a completion certificate that you fill out detailing your experience with our company.

    What Makes Eclipse Remodeling Unique

    Unlike some of our competitors, Eclipse Remodeling has no hidden fees, and our bid prices don’t change. When we give you a quote, it includes both the material and labor costs, including everything on the list above. We offer a pick and choose approach to bidding. You can simply choose what exactly you want from all of our different services. With our flexible, highly customizable service, you are sure to get something you’ll love within your price-range when you hire us.

    For example, a complete interior paint job estimate will include the walls and ceilings; if you want them quoted separately or already know that you don’t want certain items painted; like the ceilings painted for example… just let us know. Doors, closets, trim, and molding are other items that could be quoted separately when budget is a high priority. Throughout the estimate process, we will ask a lot of questions to make sure we give you an accurate price for the items you want painted as well the items you don’t. This allows you to pick and choose what you want worked on without paying for items that are not needed.

    What Else Makes Eclipse Remodeling UniqueBid Prices Don’t Change!

    Once the estimate is provided, the price doesn’t change. When you hire Eclipse Remodeling, Inc. to do a job for you, you could write the checks exactly according to the payment schedule on the contract and put them in your desk. At each stage of the job, when a payment is due, the price on the check hasn’t changed! The most common complaint we hear from owners is: “I hate it when I’m quoted a price for a service and then the price starts climbing upwards.” Eclipse Remodeling’s president doesn’t like this happening either. To quote Udi Zadok, “I don’t like it happening to me and I don’t do this to my clients.” All of our prices are fixed, no hidden fees, no nonsense. Trust can be only built when communication is transparent.

    Our Experienced Painters

    All of our crew leaders have been painting with us for many years. For an average single-family home, our crew typically consists of the crew leader and one to two painters. For larger homes and jobs with tight time limitations, our crews tend to be bigger.

    We’re One Call Away

    Besides providing top-of-the-line interior painting services, what’s made our customers most satisfied in the past has been our open, transparent communication. We are always available to discuss your project with you, and will address any questions or concerns that crop up along the way. You can reach us online or you can even contact Udi directly at 818-497-3449.


    Our cell phones are always on and we’re always available to speak. The only reason we don’t answer is that we’re talking to another client, or on the phone, and we will call you right back.

    If you are thinking about getting an interior painting project started, call Eclipse Remodeling to get the job done right. We will be able to help you throughout the entire process — from choosing the right color palette to working around your schedule to get the project done promptly. Ready to get started? Contact us now for your free quote! Our licensed, highly-experienced painters will get started on your interior painting project in Sherwood Oaks or the surrounding Los Angeles county area as soon as we get the initials ironed out. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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