Tiling - It can be so simple!


Where to Begin?

We can help you chose the type of material the tiles are made of, size, shape, design/ pattern, color, transitions…etc… That was a mouthful and sounds a little scary already! Not to worry!

Hello, and thanks again for visiting our website and giving us an opportunity to meet you. Still writing this website! Explaining, Describing and “breaking down” all the technicalities that go into painting and remodeling homes – Something we do on a daily basis. We can help when it comes to your tiling project.

When I think about tiling a surface, the simplest way to guide a homeowner to a finished project is to find out the answers to 6 questions:

  • What type of material do you want the tiles made of?
  • What size is the tile?
  • What shape is the tile?
  • What is the design/pattern
  • Are there any transitions between multiply design tiles?
  • What color tiles?

There’s the added benefit of hiring us for your project; I would love to help you

design your space!

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